In the music publishing world, royalty collection societies that collect publishing royalties are, unfortunately, rooted deeply in the ways of the past. The ways of the music industry’s past have dictated royalty collection for composers and songwriters such that independent artists, unsigned to any major publishing company, have had it rough in recent years.

The Past

In the days of music industry past, the composer was almost never also the performing/recording artist. The composer was his own entity. That was his sole art. In the days of music publishing past, the songwriter’s sole hope for having a career was to be signed to a major publisher. The publisher would deem them as a songwriter capable of writing the greatest popular hits, and thus would invest money and time in their composing careers. The publisher was responsible for registering the songs in all royalty collection societies worldwide, securing co-songwriting opportunities, and, most importantly, shopping the songs to big-name popular recording artists for them to hopefully record the song. Helping composers and songwriters get their songs recorded by big-name popular recording and performing artists was the heart and soul of the publishing business. Selling the songs and getting them on radio led to big-time money for the publishers and the composers of the songs.

Today’s Industry

In today’s music industry, things could not be more different. The digital realm has taken over. Especially in the indie side of the business, almost all indie artists are both the recording artist and songwriter of their works. And the big difference is this: Distribution companies, have opened the doors to almost any capable artist to release their music in the public eye on digital music retailers. Because of the doors that distribution companies and platforms like YouTube and Bandcamp have opened up, young artist musicians, who compose their own music, record their own music and are independent of any record label or publisher, have the opportunity and potential to achieve commercial success without the help of a label or a publisher.

The Issues With Publishing

The problem is, many royalty collection societies make it very difficult for independent unsigned songwriters to collect their full royalty share because in the past, they only ever had to deal with the publishing companies, not thousands of individual unsigned songwriters. Some societies—specifically the Harry Fox Agency, the USA’s mechanical collection society—do not even permit unsigned songwriters to join. Only publishers can join. This makes it impossible for the independent songwriter, without a publisher to back them up, to collect the royalties that are rightfully owed to them. Which means their money sits in societies, unclaimed, and is wrongfully delegated to the big-name artists with songs on top 40 radio.

Our Publishing Administration Service

And that is where Publishing Administration comes in to play… to sweep the independent songwriter off his/her feet, gloriously saving the day to give the independent songwriter a voice. Our Publishing Administration service represents your compositions to royalty collection societies to register each individual song with each individual society and to ultimately collect and dig out all royalties owed to you, the independent songwriter.

Publishing Administration services like ours have paved the way for the independent songwriter to have a voice and to collect all royalties rightfully owed to them. Publishing Administrators are the saviors of independent songwriters, preventing their money from being wrongfully handled and ensuring they get the publishing royalties that are rightfully owed to them.

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