Artist Management and Development

Artist Development – It’s time to grow.

Ever feel like you’re not quite ready or not sure how to get your music career moving?  Independent artists are all just at different points in the same journey so it’s important to commit to progress and forward movement no matter what your skill level.  Knowing what moves to make and having access to the tools you need to record, produce, distribute and promote your music is not an easy task and experience matters.

Arlin Carter Music has a program specifically designed to get you there. To get on the waiting list, submit your contact information today.


So, what exactly is Artist Management?

An artist manager creates a barrier of protection for the artist. He becomes the hub of everything that goes on for the artist. When you take on a manager, you’re taking advantage of his experience by allowing everything to go through him. If a manager takes on an artist, he is making the statement that he believes you can succeed, and he is committing to help you make the decisions necessary to get there.

He is responsible for putting together the rest of the team (producer, photographer, publicist, radio promoter, etc). If the artist is signed to a label, the manager works hand in hand with the label. If the artist is not signed, Arlin Carter Music can serve as the artists independent label and and the artist’s manager. We can move the artist’s career forward while we pitch the artist to larger established labels for consideration and help the artist to operate independently.

In short, the artist manager does whatever is necessary to advance the career of the artist.

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