Arlin Carter was born December 1, 1968 in Baltimore Md. Arlin started playing music at a young age. As a young child Arlin starting learning to play the drums in school, playing in school bands and events from elementary school through high school. After High School Arlin started playing with several different bands as a drummer and singing occasionally. Arlin has played with many musicians including; guys from Little Feat, the original members from Crack the Sky and eventually ended up starting a band called After Hours, After Hours was a blues band with a couple of guys called “I Mike” and “Ernie Steele”. After Hours played a lot of local venues. Eventually Arlin married and had 3 children, family life took over and Arlin had to put music on hold. Arlin worked as a Technology consultant in the telecommunications industry where his work ended him up in California. Arlin eventually divorced and began traveling to Brazil where he met his wife Ana Paula. Arlin and Ana Paula had 2 girls bringing the total to 5 children. Arlin has stayed close to his 3 older children, but as they got older Arlin decided to retire with Paul and the 2 girls in Macon Georgia and focus on his music once again. Currently Arlin is working on releasing his first solo album. A soulful blend of POP music that i am sure you will enjoy.