Arlin Carter Studios currently has active 3 Artists:


“annabella” “annabella’s” songs are a mix of acoustic guitar with clean but complex rythems centered around personally meaningful lyrics. Her songs are written with heartfelt emotion and come from her personal view of life as a young female singer songwriter.

Be sure to check out her page at

“Arlin Carter”

“Arlin Carter”  Arlin is a singer songwriter who’s songs are a mix of Pop and R&B. Arlin has released a  few singles and is currently working on his new album titled “Destinations” to be released in 2018. Arlin also provides the recording and publishing work in our studio.

“Scott Long”

Scott is a singer songwriter and outstanding guitar player. Scott just released his album “Faith and Family Matters”. Be sure to check it out.

“I started writing my own songs and music at 17. Through the years, I’ve become comfortable with myself, my voice and my style. I am a lousy pretender. This album is about an accurate representation and a declaration of me as there could be. ”

Scott Long
Be sure to check out his page at