About “annabella”

“annabella” is a singer, songwriter and performance artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to the US at a young age. After a brief time in California she moved to the Washington DC area where she grew up outside of Annapolis Maryland. As a young musician “annabella” spent ANNABELLAmuch of her childhood studying music and and performing all over the Capital area. “annabella” has been acting, singing and studying music for most of her life and has been a member of several school and professional choirs throughout her career, winning several awards for her exceptional singing. Eventually “annabella” moved to Macon Georgia where she is active in theatre and performing in many local productions while she continues to hone her singing and musical abilities.




New Single 11/10 by annabella

When “annabella” is not working hard in the studio or hanging out with her friends you will find her on stage with one of many theatre companies doing what she loves; singing and performing.

ÔÇťannabella’s” songs are a mix of acoustic guitar with clean but complex rythems centered around personally meaningful lyrics. Her songs are written with heartfelt emotion and come from her personal view of life as a young female singer songwriter.

Be sure to listen to her music on any of the major music platforms and please follow her on social media as she shares her journey through her music and performances.




New  Single TRUST by annabela released 1/20/2018